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The Art of Meditation: Your Guide to Flawless Meditation
Much has been written about meditation. Meditation is a state of perfect equipoise, mental balance and super awareness. Samadhi in meditation comes with intense practice, thereafter it becomes effortless. This short book (6,300 words) is based on my experience from thousands of hours of intense practice and focuses on the topic of meditation, common hurdles and how to overcome them. You can begin your practice sitting in the comfort of your home.
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Seven Yogic Practices To Put Your Mind on Rocket Fuel
Seven Practical Yogic Practices to excel at anything in life
Learn the secret of ten vital energies. Learn how to achieve quiescence of the mind Help yourself to rise above all negative emotions. This book contains the yogic practices of solitude, silence, listening and many others.

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A Dream Life: Your How-To Guide For Success & Happiness
Learn how to be positive, be happy and be disciplined. You will learn how to overcome distractions, self-doubt and negative emotions. You will understand how to deal with criticism better. There are beautiful stories and anecdotes to drive home the point.
Pages: 35.       Amazon Price: $2.99 Your Price: Free.
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Making Marriage Move: A Spiritual Solution
Based on two characters He and She.
The book presents an analysis in ten bullet points followed by a practical and spiritual framework - also in bullet points. It's a short book, almost like a booklet.
Pages: 10.         Amazon Price: $0.99 Your Price: Free.
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This blog has over 140 high-quality, original articles on self improvement, meditation, personal development, spirituality and more. I am a mystic who lives in the Himalayan foothills. All writings are based on my direct experiences gained from building and running a multi-million dollar business (prior to becoming a monk) to meditating for months in strict seclusion in the Himalayan caves and woods. I am an Australian national of Indian origin. This blog is updated approximately six times in a month. Subscribe to receive updates by email.  
 ~Om Swami


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